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13. This is my best guess.

The data that I have used.

1. I removed the air flow unit from my 280ZX and connected it to the top of my carby then I revved the engine up I found that the flap was opening to 95% of its limit.

2. Later on when I had got it licensed, I was able to run out out fuel, I measured Its output approx 1000ml per min. 

I ended up adding a second fuel pump straight away I did not to run Lean.

3. I then decided to measure what comes out the exhaust with a garbage bag.

See below fumes in seconds, I still had my stock TRX sedan at that stage the figures on the left (11 sec).


Est Rpm

Est Rpm




Fill garbage bag with fumes





  4. I also know that the vacuum secondary butterfly opens around 1800 RPM with rev limit locked down.

5. Normally the vacuum secondary butterfly starts to open around 4000 RPM.


Hey have a listen to my sounds

  I have used this free software for many hours trying to work out My Engine VE%

Why not have a go yourself!

Download link


You can really build some numbers with this software