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Some Sound recording taken from on top of the carby over the years.

I experimented with the cam position as well.

I have no troubles opening the Vac Secondary.

All are MP3 format 128 kbs download and share files.

Primary    Secondary


Some road testing in the outback somewhere.


0 to 100          0 to 120          downshift               returning


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


Back in 2005 after rebuilding a head and manifold with the cam slightly advanced and a standard distributor I set the timing at various points and recorded the sound wave the even though the next-door complained about my engine noise I could not care less about it.


Intake noise          20 after tdc          5atdc          5atdc2          5atdc3


5atdc4          5atdc clipping     8btdc         0btdc          0btdc2


Full Noise No Load


Revving          Revving 2           at tdc


With the cam in the normal position.


10 atdc          10 btdc     5 atdc            5 btdc


8 btdc                  at tdc



I have pitch shifted these files so its what a V8 or V12 might sound like


V8     V8          V8          V8


V12   V12 at F1 level