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Smokingwheels and his 5th Engine

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I got bored last night so I made this Karaoke Clip its called "Hoon Hooning

Coming soon ....on More Low quality movies...But sound Quality is ok 

hey I can record 6 frames a second and it generates 2000 meg an hour! 

Maximum fuel at full noise (plumbing in 1.4 L/min I will need 12 x 25 ml syringes)

Exhaust Manifold Temperature Test (Blue Spray paint discolours to a shade of green) 

The worlds cheapest tele-cine-change VHS to AVI  (In processing) 

My Fuel Consumption Test at Idle in 2008

Each Clip is 8:06 long, note when my 10ml syringe stops working I am adding another 1ml of fuel.

The engine temp was 45-50 deg C when I started, I let it heat up to a needle width blow the higher safe mark.

I report Rpm, Temperature and put my hand on the rocker cover during the movie.  

The Syringe is a 25 ml one connected to carby each major mark is 5 ml.

Vol 1 of 5  

Vol 2 of 5

Vol 3 of 5

Vol 4 of 5

Vol 5 of 5

Watch Small Version here  (Only start one at a time)

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Engine Intake Sounds over the last 4 years Vol 1 and Vol 2

There are some modified sounds as well to hear what a V8 might sound like.

Parts of the movie have really low or no volume.

Engine Sounds Vol 1

Engine Sounds Vol 2

1                                    2  

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My Hand Carved Model Car ... well had power tool to use..


Favorite Band or Musician: AC/DC

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